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Sunday Brunch

Sunday, January 14

 10:30am - 12pm

 Location: Alumni House- Hunter Hall

 $55 Ticket includes: Signature drink, brunch,

tax, and gratuity

 Music: Good Shot Judy



Good shot.jpg

Good Shot Judy is a big amp jazz band that sets stages aflame nationwide.

Audiences may never consider that the Good Shot Judy show they’re seeing has been an evolution. They’re too captivated by the sound and spectacle of music that reaches through the time. They’re too caught up in performance that has one foot dancing in the past and one in the here and now. A Good Shot Judy show offers all those tunes you know just from growing up in American – songs you can at least hum along to, if you don’t outright know most of the words. But the music itself is only part of the band’s allure; there’s something electric in the execution, and it’s that vigor that carries the day as much as the pull of recognition.

Sunday Chillout

The Hot Lanes with Bobby Jasinski


Bobby Blackhat Band

2:00pm - 4:30pm

Hunter Hall and Leadership Hall,  Alumni House

500 Richmond Road

Williamsburg, VA

$30 Ticket includes:  One drink and entry into both shows


Tickets $55 (11).png

Sunday Evening with

Bio Ritmo


 Hunter Hall,  Alumni House

500 Richmond Road


 Ticket includes: One drink and live performance

Bio Ritmo-2015-Live-Joey Wharton.jpg
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